Data Science Challenge: The dust has settled


When the i-Know conference came to its end on October 12th, excitement rang through the hall as the final winners of the i-Know Data Science Challenge were announced. The first prize went to Martin Lampel. He was handed a hugely oversized cheque of EUR 1.000,– by Mr. Dirk Theuerkauf, who represented our sponsor T-Mobile Austria.

Christian Reisinger was able to claim the second place with his solution, winning a cash prize of EUR 500,–. The third place went to Peter Schiffmann and Alexander Pfleger, who went on to receive a prize of EUR 250,–. They were congratulated by Prof. Stefanie Lindstaedt, Head of Know-Center and Professor at TU Graz.


The i-Know data science challenge 2017, jointly organised by the Know-Center and the Materials Center Leoben, attracted 40 participating teams. The contestants applied a variety of different methods to predict segregation energy from grain boundary atom positions. The best results were achieved by either domain-agnostically applying neural networks or approaching the problem with domain-specific knowledge and models. Although most participants are based in Austria, we are proud to have teams from all over Europe and even as far as the USA and India in our roster.


The competition data set is now available for everyone interested below. Should you be able to beat the topscore of an MSE of 0.0033 for the validation data set, feel free to drop as an email with your approach and result at For exceptional results, we will provide you with a goodie! (given the distance for postal delivery is sensible).

Download dataset (0,7 KB)


We are looking forward to our next Data Science Challenge, which we hope will contain more of everything: more rewards, more participants and even more complex problems to solve!