Data Science Challenge: Intermediate Results


The final count is in: 40 contesting teams and individuals have committed themselves to participating in the first i-KNOW Data Science Challenge!  The registration period is now closed.


Up until September 20, 2017, participants were able to submit one set of data for the purpose of preliminary ranking. Without further ado, here are the current top 5 teams.
Team IDs are composed of characters taken from participants registered adresses.

Team ID Rank Mean Squared
Minimum Absolute Deviation Maximum Absolute Deviation Medium Absolut Deviation
OGMC 1 0,01767 0,00001 0,27886 0,09996
RI.P 2 0,02385 0,00580 0,41600 0,11271
NE.I 3 0,02817 0,00260 0,41263 0,12446
CIFN 4 0,02906 0,00519 0,49847 0,12618
MNSB 5 0,03128 0,00514 0,54324 0,12608


Until October 1, 2017, 11:59 MEZ (UTC+1) participants are allowed to submit their final solution.  The 5 top ranking entries will then be asked to provide their source code and/or demonstrate their solution during a live session with the jury and describe their approach, applied methods and tools. After verifying the results, we will officially announce the winners.