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Accommodation in Graz

To find your accommodation in Graz please have a look at this booking platform:

Graz Tourismus Online EN  | DE

Or contact:

Graz Tourismus und Stadtmarketing GmbH

Barbara Maria Kollmann
phone: +43 316 8075 49
fax: +43 316 8075 490

Traveling to Graz

By Airplane

Graz Airport is connected to many major cities in Europe, some of which are Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, London, Rotterdam, Hannover. Contact your travel agency for flight connections to Graz.

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By Train

Graz can be reached by train from many major cities in Europe. Main lines connect Graz from Salzburg (Munich), Linz and Vienna. Contact your travel agency for train connections.

By Car

You can drive to Graz by car via the motorway A2 from Vienna (appr. 170km, 2,5 hours), A9 from Linz (appr. 200km, 3h), A9/A10 from Salzburg (250km, 4h) or A2 from Klagenfurt (150km, 2h). Please note that Austrian motorways are toll roads. A “Vignette” has to be purchased at the Austrian border or a petrol station near the border.

Parking is possible at the parking site at Fröhlichgasse, adjacent to the conference venue. More information will soon follow.

For more information please visit this website

Public Transportation in Graz

Graz is a town with a perfect public transportation system. Main transportation is established by city tram (BIM) and busses. The transportation center is Jakominiplatz in downtown Graz. From there, every location can easily be reached by public transportation. A one-hour ticket costs EUR 2.20.

We recommend using the official transportation app “Qando” to navigate through Graz. Available as a mobile website and as free download for iOS and Android.

Alternatively, taxis can be taken for ground transportation. A one-way fare from the conference location to train main station is about EUR 15.00, the fare to Graz Airport is about EUR 20.00. Taxis must be called per phone. Call +43 316 878 for a local taxi center. For further information refer to our registration desk.


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